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Miss Liz's Tea Parties was first started in 2015. She also created along with JC's Wood Creations the TeaBag Story Award/ Junior Award. Themes Tea and Food all match together. Miss Liz has done Bacon Tea Party, Chocolate Tea party, Lemon Tea Party and Strawberry Tea Party to date. This includes dressing up in your best tea dress-up and colour matching the theme. Fun for all ages men, women and children are always welcome. There is a little for everyone. Starting in 2020 virtual teatimes globally came to life with over 100 teatimes under her teapot. Miss Liz is spilling teas to bring awareness that we all can make a difference for humanity for all.

Illuminated Objects

When we spill our authentic teas we create a ripple of difference in others' lives and bring back humanity in a new way. Miss Liz

Our Mission

Her Mission

Miss Liz's Mission is to bring a homestyle environment that brings a place to share personal stories of overcoming and creating incredible movements, projects, services and hope for others through a cup of T-E-A. Teaching Educational Awareness that different is possible and beautiful.

Keyboard and Mouse

Her Vision

The vision of making space for all walks of life can bring humanity to a world that often overlooks the little things. The vision of changing lives by working connecting and networking with one another the vision of making a difference is possible.

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