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Miss Liz

Radio Host Teatime with Miss Liz

Miss Liz takes it to the radio with her T-E-A every Sunday broadcast on two stations. and WFRM.COM both broadcast across the globe. With Tunes, Fun Facts, Recipes, Card Readings, Special Guests and more. 

Miss Liz the woman with a voice for T-E-A

Miss Liz started her radio journey in 2022 on a mission to bring her T-E-A even further and to give a different listening audience some flare and open conversations on how she looks at words to describe the connection between humanity and love through the eyes and flavors of a different T-E-A being served to the audience every week. She brings different to the table music of all genres and inspiration to all ages worldwide. A little something for everyone. Through different genres of music and messages together we can do more for humanity by being different. 

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